3 Writing Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

I love New Years. Christmas is great, Valentines Day is wonderful, but New Years Day is my jam. Since I was a kid, it’s always been a day of possibility. It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of another, that magical time where you get to look back on everything you’ve done.

Unfortunately, it’s also that awful time where you look back on things you haven’t done.

Worry not, gentlefolk. After a smattering of successful resolutions (and a whole hell of a lot of unsuccessful resolutions), I’ve got a few tips to carry you through this new year. Whether you’re writing your first novel or your hundredth, lets make this a year of progress, a year to be proud of, and a year to come together.

What Makes a Good Resolution?

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s remember that not all resolutions are made the same. Studies show that majority of people will abandon their resolutions by January 12th, which means odds are not lookin’ great that your newest series is gettin’ done in 30 days like you planned. There are a few reasons experts agree that the average person isn’t meeting their goals. In order to make a resolution that has a chance at survival, you better make sure your goal is both easy to measure and within your skill range.

3 Writing Resolutions (And How to Keep Them!)

  • Write Daily
    • This has been one of the few resolutions that have made it into my daily life, and I couldn’t be more grateful! As of the date of this blog post, I’ve written every single day since September 2018, and holy hell has it been a journey. If you’re looking to write every day, there’re a few things that are going to make this a little easier on you:
    • Set up a proper morning routine. I get it. You hate mornings, but waking up an hour early to get your writing in will save your year. Trust me.
    • Have a dedicated space to write. When I was a kid, my teachers used to nag me about my tendency to put off my work until I got home. Turns out, the old crows might have been right. If you’ve got a dedicated space and a dedicated time to writing, you’re going to find things go a lot smoother.
  • Improve Your Words per Minute
    • This is, honestly, one of the best goals I feel a writer can have. Improving your WPM (or, hell, even your words per day) is something that easily measurable and can be adjusted to fit your skill level. I love the idea of tiny habits coming together every day to make for massive improvement and focusing on your writing speed is a great way to achieve that.
    • My best tip for improving writing speed? Check out the program Cold Turkey— a writing program that eliminates all distractions. If you’re struggling with constantly opening Reddit, this is your golden ticket.
  • Expand Your Tribe
    • A goal and a solution all in one! If you’re stuck on what resolutions to pick this year, expanding your circle is definitely a fun one. Make it a point to get more involved in writer communities. Find groups on Facebook, go to your local library, and shout your damn book from the rooftops.
    • Building a community is going to give you the support you’ll need to stick to and reach your goals this year, and this step definitely cannot be ignored!

You’ve Got This!

People will shit on your all day every day for having a list of NYR, but I’m begging you not to let that slow you down. There’s nothing stopping you from having everything you’ve ever wanted as long as you’re willing to put in the time. This year, build a goal that’s measurable, that’s within your skill level, and chase the hell out of it. You’ve got this, and I’m right here if you need me!

Did I Miss Anything?

What’s your resolution this year? If you’ve got a suggestion for the perfect writing goal, be sure to leave me a comment below. Or, better yet, reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook with your favourite recommendations so I can add in your suggestions!

As always, be good to yourself and never stop writing!

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