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Maid For The Mafia

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Men like me, we don’t marry the maid.

I’ve spent my life building an image of brutality. My word is law in this city, and perfection is the only thing I’ll accept— from my men, from my family, from you. When Jackie sold you to me, I thought I was buying a silent servant. Your job is simple, Selina:

Keep this place in order

And keep out of my life.

Why is that so hard for you to understand? It doesn’t matter how bad I want you, Selina. We can’t be together. Involving you in this mess would mean sacrificing control, and I can’t afford that. If the world finds out that I can’t stop thinking about you, that I can’t stop needing you, I’ll lose everything.

Keeping you here is tearing me apart,

But I’ll never let you go. 


How am I supposed to tell you the truth?

Toronto left me burned. I’ve been used and abused by an entire city, and this was supposed to be a fresh start. I had hope for a new life, but loving you means throwing all that away.

I want the real you— not the image you’ve worked so hard to build. You say you want me, but if pictures from the past are enough to break your trust, how can I believe that? If you want a life with me, you’ll have to learn to let go of your pride, to stand as the man you are instead of the one the world wants you to be.

Because I won’t be treated like that again, Terry.

Not by you.

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I will never love the Mob's Butcher


It wasn’t a lie.

Your father’s debt had nothing to do with me, but when Malachi demanded blood, I couldn’t let you be slaughtered. You need to believe that claiming you was the only way I could save you. These beasts will never have their fill, and the only thing that could keep you safe was the name I built.
Montreal will know you as the Butcher’s Bride. Your father’s debt will be erased, your family will be safe, and eventually, you’ll realize that I did what I had to.
You have to, Gwen
Because I can’t spend a life without you.



How could you do this to me?

After everything I told you, after everything I shared, how could you still lie to me? You made me believe you were different. You gave me the hope of a new life, and then you stole it all away.

My father had no right to trade me away, but I expected it from him. To know you were so willing to buy me, so willing to trade me, so willing to treat me like I was nothing? How was I supposed to expect that, Leslie?

I left this life behind two years ago, and not even the Butcher will drag me back.

I Hate You; I Need You

I thought we agreed to be strangers. I broke you as much as I broke myself, but maybe I was never meant to stay away. I owe him money now, Lynn, and you’re the only one who I can trust— the only one I ever trusted.

I would have killed for you the moment I met you; I would have died for you when learned of the angel beneath it all. I need your help more than ever, but all I can see is red.

You broke us.

I’ll do what I have to, do the thing I’m good at. I’ll run one last con, steal a fortune from a mob boss, win you back. Then, I’ll do what I’m best at: I’ll remind you why you left me in the first place.

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