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Haven't I Lost Enough?

The only man who tied us together has been dead for four years, Olivia, and I’ve hated you every day since. I haven’t been able to speak your name since that day at the graveyard, but maybe fate has a different plan. Every tragedy in my life comes back to Aaron Payne, and when the rat went into hiding, I thought I’d lost everything. My chance at vindication slipped through my damn fingers.

Until you came back, at least.

Whatever love I had for you is gone now. Lust turned to loathing four years ago– though, hating you has never kept me away before.

We’ll work together, but that doesn’t mean anything. I can play nice for a while, pretend I don’t miss the way he used to make you smile, so long as you hold up your end of the bargain. Tonight, we kill Aaron Payne. Tomorrow, we’ll become strangers again.

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I Can't Let You Go

It’s been six years since you last loved me, Rachel. I’m not the same man I was. My old man crushed what little happiness I had, and the cocaine took the rest. I turned into a shell, hungry for blood and walking the line between this world and the next. When my father got locked up, all I could do was run away with my tail between my fuckin’ legs. So why do you still need my help?

All I’m capable of is hurting you, dragging you down into my personal hell. I can’t save you from Damon. I could hardly save you from myself.
But then, that’s never kept you away before.

I’ve never been able to turn you down, never been capable of winning this war with you. Beg me and I’ll return to the city that hates me. Swear to me that you’re still mine and I’ll kill the swine that’s tried to take my place. But don’t make me fall in love with you.
I won’t survive that hurt.
Not again.


You’ve built a better life now that I’m gone. A dirty cop couldn’t have given you the comfort you deserved, Lisa, but it’s too late for that now. He’s offered me money to kill the new DA, and I’m running out of options.

You’re the only one in this city I can trust, the only one with the connections I need. I won’t let myself ruin your life again, but you’ve always been my harbor in the storm.


I’ve got to do this, Lisa. I’ll kill the DA, wipe the blood off my badge, and save you from the grips of that monster. Then, I’ll do you the kindest favor I can: I’ll make you hate me all over again.

I Hate You; I Need You

I thought we agreed to be strangers. I broke you as much as I broke myself, but maybe I was never meant to stay away. I owe him money now, Lynn, and you’re the only one who I can trust— the only one I ever trusted.

I would have killed for you the moment I met you; I would have died for you when learned of the angel beneath it all. I need your help more than ever, but all I can see is red.

You broke us.

I’ll do what I have to, do the thing I’m good at. I’ll run one last con, steal a fortune from a mob boss, win you back. Then, I’ll do what I’m best at: I’ll remind you why you left me in the first place.

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