Adventures Of A Crazy Tea Lady – My Second Love

I’ve been keeping a deep, dark secret from you, dear reader. Well, if you’ve followed me for more than a minute, it’s probably not that well-kept. Like, not at all. Apart from writing, I’ve got a handful of other loves in this world, not the strangest of which is my adoration of all things tea. Matcha, oolong, white, English breakfast, all of it.

Now, my friends, it’s time to share that love with the world. If you’ve ever wanted to get into this health boost and the world’s oldest drink (don’t fact check that– I may have made it up), let this little lady be your Sherpa. So to speak.

All The Choices In The World

My favourite thing about tea is I’ve got a choice for every mood, every time of day, and every problem. As a kid, a traditional orange pecko was the ultimate welcoming gesture and while it’s always held a special place in my heart, recent years has opened my palette to a whole new world. If I’m hoping to try anew brand, a new type, or a new brew, there are two main questions I ask myself:

Choose a Caffeine Level

Caffeine is, unfortunately, a bit of a buzz-kill for me. As much as I love a good coffee, tea has offered me a way to manage the level of caffeine I have all day long. Before I try a new tea, the first thing I always consider is the caffeine level. While early mornings might call for a breakfast tea, afternoon a good matcha, the evenings will have to remain caffeine-free with a good herbal mix.

The Garfield Medical Clinic offers a great explanation of the different caffeine levels of your favourite blends, and I definitely recommend giving this article a read through.

Choose a Benefit

Another thing I always like to consider is what I want each cup to add to my life. How disgustingly new aged does that sound? To give credit where credit is due, herbology has been around for years, and there’s more behind it than most give it credit for. I’m not saying a cup of lemon ginger is going to cure your tonsillitis, but helping a stomach ache isn’t out of this world. Personally, I adore having a lavender tea with honey after an extra-long day, and when I need an extra kick for the morning, I love to pick through my favourite Irish Breakfast tea.

While the herbs themselves have plenty of individual benefits (which you’re welcome to read more about here), there’s also something to be said for a personal touch. Because my mom makes her orange pecko extra strong, that’s always been the tea I’ve reached out for when I’m in need of comfort. While there’s no much special about a chai tea to anyone else, I tend to drink them when I’m in need of a mini celebration. I’ve assigned my own values to my favourites, and sometimes, that’s the only value you really need.

You Got This

For the past few years, tea has been a wonderful addition to my life. I’ve picked up a handful of favourites, others I’d never touch again, and a smattering in between. A hot tea has been a staple of my life through the good and the bad, and I’m hoping that I can share with y’all even a semblance of that comfort. Remember to drink mindfully, to consider the many benefits a nice cup can bring you, and I guarantee things are going to turn out just fine.

Did I Miss Anything?

Got a favourite tea I didn’t mention? Let me know how in a comment below or, better yet, reach out on Facebook and Twitter!

As always, be good to yourself and never stop writing!

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