How To Get Free Books and Help Indie Authors (Becoming an ARC Reader)

Unfortunately, being a broke-ass babe and a bookophile don’t often mix. I’ve got hundreds of books on my TBR list, but without the grand and a half I need to purchase them, my only real option is to sell a kidney. Since black market organ trading is mostly out of the question, the next best option is to find a solution that works for me and the indie authors I love— so I did.

ARC programs are your holy grail, my fellow readers. Free books? Check. Rubbing elbows with your favourite authors? Check. Getting in on the good shit ahead of time? Hell yes!

For those tired of being behind the curve and with empty pockets, I’m going to take you through my top ways to get into ARC programs and snag those free copies. Believe me, you’ll wanna thank me later.

What The Hell is an ARC?

As much as I love ARC programs, I can’t take credit for them. ARCs are, very simply, advance copies of novels in exchange for your honest review.Usually, these novels are given out through programs like BookSprout, an indie author’s best friend, but it will really depend on the author. The take home point here, my friend, is your favourite indies will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

3 Ways To Become an ARC

  • Reach out to the author: Of all the ways to become an ARC reader, one of my favourite ones is to simply reach out. Plenty of authors, big or small, recruit their ARCs through their own fan base. They’ve got a team of people they rely on, and in the event that there’s an opening in this team, you’ll wanna get your name in that hat. Take to social media, check out their website, or reach out through email and see what you can get. Honestly, the results might surprise you.

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  • Join ARC groups on Facebook: I loathe Facebook. Like, I despise Facebook, but there’s really few better ways to get your hands on some wonderfully free copies. Hidden between the posts of workplace drama, political warfare, and what I can only assume is a million Russian bots, there’s a few dozen Facebook groups to help you find the Advanced Reader Copies you seek. Join some groups that cater to your preferred genre, seek out some authors looking for ARCs, and see what you can get!
  • Sign up for an ARC program: Finally, one of the surefire ways to get into an author’s team of ARCs is to sign up for a bonafide ARC program. There are a handful of companies online that offer ARC volunteers to hungry indie authors for a fee, and they’re always looking for volunteers. After signing an agreement that you’ll offer an honest review in exchange for a copy, you’ll be able to sift through the books and authors available to find one you like.

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You Got This

Reading is one of the greatest joys we have. Without ever leaving your home, you can learn from masters of every craft imaginable, hear stories you’d never imagine, and unwind with criminal baddies beyond your wildest dreams (here’s looking at you, Parker). If you want to get your hands on some free books, are willing to put in the work of writing a review, and want to help an author, you need to check out some ARCs. 

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Did I Miss Anything?

Where are you fantastic beasts finding your ARCs? Let me know in a comment below or, better yet, reach out on Facebook and Twitter!

 As always, be good to yourself and never stop writing!

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